Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Beautiful Eye Color

Denise Vasi

Native American, Egyptian, African American

East Indian

Maria McDonald

Denise Vasi

Erykah Badu


Rashida Jones

Sharbat Gula

Brittney Gray

Michael Ealy

Thandie Newton

Vanessa L. Williams

Adriana Lima

Jolie Jones

Eva Marcille, Tyra Banks

DH, is Egyptian

Kenya Moore

Jada Pinkett Smith

Eva Marcille

A Sudanese girl displaced by fighting at Abushouk camp near El Fasher

Laren Galloway
His parents are from New Orleans and the fact that they are both African-Americans and have produced a blue-eyed baby is amazing. Laren is an adorable African American baby with crystal clear blue eyes. Startlingly and strikingly beautiful like a crystal blue ocean. His parents were apart of the Katrina catastrophe.